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The world of legal marketing is growing every day, encompassing an increasing variety of media platforms. The brands Herrmann creates extend seamlessly across a broad array of touchpoints, both online and off. Whether it’s initial inspiration, developing unexpected concepts to introduce big ideas, or designing powerful brand signals that visually define organizations, Herrmann crafts memorable experiences that stand out in the marketplace.

When we were seeking the perfect content management system for our law firm clients, we couldn't find one. So we developed it ourselves. Introducing Herrmann EasyEdit 4.0 – a content management system designed to deliver unparalleled power, all in a robust, affordable package that's easy to learn, use and manage. With powerful features like Salesforce and MailChimp integration, and convenient additions like photo cropping, built-in blogging and an intuitive new interface, we’re confident Herrmann EasyEdit will be a great fit for your firm. Sign up for a demo today and see how Herrmann EasyEdit improve your web experience.

Herrmann Easy Edit Law Firm Website CMS Content Management System

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